K o h t a o  G a r l l e r y
KOH TAO little more than 21 km, is located about 70 km east of the coastline between Suratthani and Chumphon, in the Gulf of Thailand.
Koh Tao means Turtle Island, because in the past the waters in the area had been rich with sea turtles, nowadays they have mostly moved on to other breeding grounds.

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KOH TAO is the fantastic travelling and diving site in Thai Gulf. Just beloved and well known among Thai in the last recent years but among foriegn traveller it's mean diver paradise well known by the beautiful shade of the sea. That we can say the very best on earth.

The nature beauty of northern and southern sea of KOH TAO island so far away from mainland. This keep it remain the natural personalities as long as it should. The charms of it's remopte invite peace lovers to visit once in their life!!!