KOH TAO is the fantastic travelling and diving site in Thai Gulf. Just beloved and well known among Thai in the last recent years but among foriegn traveller it's mean diver paradise well known by the beautiful shade of the sea. That we can say the very best on earth.

KOH TAO consist of two main islands : KOH TAO and KOH NANG-YUAN almost all are mountain area only 30% are plain. There are three villages which are "BAN HAAD SAI REE" , "BAN MAE HAAD" and "BAN CHALOK BAAN KAO" 85 km. from Chumporn, 120 km. from Suratthani and 45 km. from Phangan, the nearest island. This made it a rather distance place in Thai eastern sea.

KOH TAO has figure of a bean. Some said it look like a turtle. There are curves of natural beauty 11 gulfs-10 points along 28.6 km. of the circle including coral reef 8 km. all around. They face the north eastern monsoon from November to March. However, there are several island to hide it from the wind.

Traveller can make a trip to KOH TAO island all through the year. Bangalows are available at rest area on the beach including jeep. motorcycle and mountain bike for rent.

There are also boat and diving center. During the day, we hardly see traveller since they are out to sea diving task... early in the morning till the sun down. Interesting site are diving area for skin dive or scuba dive... which one do you prefer.

Right! one full day program for diving and travelling around in nature, rent a boat or take taxi boat all available at MAE HAAD PIER. But for those who appreciate scuba diving, a day is certainly not enough to search for the beauty of underwater world here. Since there are several different places for scuba loving. 3 to 4 days may be more suitable. At diving center, scuba training courses are available.

Take some courses for diving certificate which meet world standard request wherever you will be. Diving and Travelling places are all different in its beauty.
Right! from AO LUEK, LAEM THIAN, HIN WONG pinnacle to AO MUANG. At KONG SAI DAENG or shark island, 2-3 meters of shark in a herd of 7-8 dive with us in their favorite day. Out of travelling site and all beaches around, there are many interesting and beautiful places in KOH TAO island.

JOR POR RO rock garden on the western site.
There is strange stone at one corner with the initials of King Rama V on it in remembance of his visiting until now.

JO PO RO rock garden KOH NANG YUAN Shark island

Including John-suwan, view point at CHALOK BAAN KAO... sounthern of the island. Also AO THIAN OK who curving nearby AO CHOLOK just like PP-DON at Krabi province don't miss!

Another small island in the northern of KOH TAO is NANG YUAN consist of 3 islands connected by white beaches. One can walk through whenit is ebb tide. The nature around consist of coral reef perfect under crystal clear water the most pleasure site for swim and dive. NANG YUAN has it's beautiful place... best for climbing on.

Second largest of the three take a 20 minute trip up there will be great stones place... for sit and view from this point, view the most beautiful site of NANG YUAN island. On the other site is the white sand along the beach which connect the two into such a marvellous place... to see!!

At red sand beach we can see sun rise between KOH TAO and KONG SAI DAENG... beautiful shot! it's also the most named for scuba diving and shark observing the seaman told us... there are herd of 7-8 shark ...not so dangerous... not so big and do not hurt anybody... should we believe!!!

The nature beauty of northern and southern sea of KOH TAO island so far away from mainland. This keep it remain the natural personalities as long as it should. The charms of it's remopte invite peace lovers to visit once in their life!!!
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