Another who follow Luang Jakr or the second who die was - Pra Saeng-Sithikarn by malaria suffering, too. Another one was Am Boonthai, a journalist name "mae nam khong" was the third who ended his life by "tong-maan" desease which tortured him seriously at the begining of July. The doctor who killed his own wife and being a prisoner was sent to KOH TAO with captain Chawaengsak Songkram. He cured Am Boonthai by open the hole on his stomach but a few days later, his stomach swelling again. At the time, there was no doctor -- Am used a nail which was well polished - stabbed his own stomach several times. Finally, he died from all the torture.

The fourth, who died from malaria after Am Boonthai was corporal Sastra Kochakul. He was alone -- no relatives or family to send anything to him. His wife left him as soon as he was arrested. So Sethabutr give help and subsidize to Sastra all the time in all aspect -- from money to clothes, foods and medicine "Thai noi" wrote in his book about political prison camp that "our life and being base on the thought of self depended since all we are in the ocean. A table of emetin or quinin mean life or dead. In this situation we should thanks to the merciness of Luang Maha Sithi Voharn who pledged his own drugs, money and foods to help Sastra in surviving as much as it can be. His clothes was send to wash and paid by So Sethabutr. Finally, Sastra leaved us forever. So Sethabutr told us that in the scarcing situation lack of medicine, lack of foods -- to give a pill to dying friend could be your own dead when all pills were used. Therefore it was the matter of hard decision between humanity and self-surviving.

All the political prisoners had to beware of health and cured their own. The prosoner officials did not pay any attention or the way to cure at all. A pill of quinine. Attabrin or emetin mean life of each. The lack of drug made each other find his own way to survive. Some took the medicine little by little -- not enough to cure at normal time or relieve while they are on serious stage. Some keep the pills until got in stage of danger -- which meant the storage of pills were used in vain -- this was the case of "Pra Saeng Sithikarn" at the time that Pra Saeng ended his life. There were a large storage of attabine and quinin pills under his pillow and bed.

In the case of So Sethabutr -- he took no medicine in prevention but when suffering catched him seriously he would take the pills as much as he could to end the suffering stage. By this way, So Sethabutre who seemed to small and thin survived from malaria at KOH TAO. While the dreadful situation endangered the political prisoners at KOH TAO. Prince Nimitmongkol Navaratna and Dr. Choti Khumpant who will imprison for life at Bang Kwang jail in case of rebel attempt in 1938 Prince Nimitr Mongkol Navaratr the ex-soldier who use to imprison for Bavondej case in the year 1933 and was out of penalty in 1937 the government saw that, they were hardliner and stubborn who were too dangerous to the government. Therefore the two people were exiled to join the torture and dead with political prisoner at KOH TAO.

In profile, Price Nimitrmongkol Navartr the ex-officer who used to imprison for Bavondej case in the year 1933 -- was out of penalty in 1937. Later, Prince Nimitrmongkol was re-arested, sued and then was rejudged. This time he was imprison by the case of trying to rebel in 1938 with Nin Talalux and other 17 prisoners they were sent to dead at Bang Kwang prison.

The first picture that Prince Nimitrmongkol Navaratna and Dr. Choti Khumpant faced at KOH TAO scared him so much since it was realy the picture of hell on earth. Everybody were in the boney look. Their face were faint, dry-eyes show all tired. Some sit and cover with blanket some shivering some were screaming while in brain damage stage some sleep in old thing that messing all the bed. Some sit and stared at nothing in no direction.

The arriving two sense the dreadful zone already with the political prisoner in 1933 rebel. Later, Prince Nimitrmongkol Navarat almost die from fever in brain if there is no mercy from Prince Sithiporn Krydakorn. He pledge his own last 2-3 tube of medicine to save Prince Nimitrmongkol later, Luang-Jompollan ex-police governer at Petchburi, who concern was in dangerous stage. He cannot sleep but tortured with the desease and scream out for his child and wife until dead during one evening. A few day later, Foent Puntanig was dead before getting in to the sixth corp. The dead of six prisoners during period of six week.

Discourage the remaining of political prisoners at the end of dreadful situation, some leaved their pride forgot all their dignity and honors discovered the real nature of human life which must be selfish and depend on their own. All their education can not be re-educated. Some political prisoners pay extream respect to many others just for priveleges over other by being spy for the prison official the search for the right some were real, some were wrong -- just make an unagreement until all were seperated into small group. Individual who did not pay respect or sincerity to the official seems to be the hardliner, stubborn who can not change and finally were driven to work harder.

The ship-Chawaeng Sak Songkram which were supply ship from Suratthani to KOH TAO can not come because of lacking of fuel. The prison official used ship "Chaiyo" which was the stream ship instead. The political prisoner who assigned to get the wood for fuel using in the ship were So Sethabutr, Prince Taweewong Wachmahit and Paew Saeng-Song sung since the major geography of KOH TAO were mountain -- their were large trees on the hill when they cut the wood down, they had to drive it down the hill until it reach the sea shore. After that they would cut the wood in to pieces (65 cm. long) all these prisoners were called "chang-group"
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