Therefore -- until one day, while waiting for the hard time to pass, there was a heli-copter right circle them over KOH TAO. While they circling around -- the pilot wave his hand as sign to the political prisoners. This made all the prisoners talk about it for three weeks before getting the right meaning which the pilot already try to tell the truth was that -- the political prisoner were all forgiving since there was change in politis that the new government of Jompol Plag Pibulsongkram, (the prime minister) was driven out by vote in parliament in building the Na-khon Petchboon into capital city and to build Budha Buri at Saraburi. Since then, Kwuang Apaiwong repalced him. He and his new government asked for mercy from his majesty to forgive those political prisoners both from Bavondej rebel case in the year 1933 and in the rebel case of year 1938. At last, they were free from penalty at Suratthani in 20 October 1944.

Hope and courage come back to them again. The political prisoner were fresh, lively and excited the decease seems to vanished all. The prison officers change their gesture and words. All were full of respect -- calling them in name and honor like -- Khun Luang, Khun Pra or Sir all around even they just cursing and satire them lately. Some prisoner guard think about progess in their occupation, they asked the political prosoner who seems to be back in power or be famouse in future.

The political prisoner were ordered to move out of KOH TAO to Suratthani prison -- waiting to be freed. Only trouble was -- after they were free -- where will they get the money to buy new clothes instead of ridiculous things and nearly naked they wear. Where would they get the money for their meal during the back trip and where to get the money for bus ticket from the terminal to their home. Further, some were uncertain that whether their house would already be damaged from the bomb or not.

At the Suratthani prison the prison guard bring their belongings to sell to others since it was war time, all the usage supply were hard to find and in expensive price. Since the political prisoner were blind to the world situation. They sold their belongings in cheap price. Crowd went to buy inexpensive thing at the gate of prison -- just like it was a market.

Prung Susewe sold the 15 g. weight golden necklet in 40 baht price. He was glad about the excess value (18 baht) since he bought it when it was 22 baht -- until he knew the right price was 400 baht.

So Sethbutr and Paew Saeng Song-Song sold their mosquito net in value of 40 baht. Prince Sithiporn Krydakorn sold his new woolen blanket in the price of 80 baht. He was glad until he knew, right! an hour later, the chinese tailor run back to buy again -- this time he valued it 1,000 baht. Prince Sithiporn had got nothing to sell.

Finally, when it was 20 October 1944 -- the day that the political prisoners were free at Suratthani -- all the market were crowded with the ex-prisoners in rediculous clothing. Some seemed like a ragget cloth. Some weared the thing we used to call shoes since there were a large hole underneat and nearly worn out. Some weared the ragged hat, too. This was that all the clothing style were already changed. To wear "Pa-Muang" or "Kang-kaeng Prae" with button necked suit were out of style already. The ex-political prisoners could not determine what to ware and whether to buy new clothes or not. Prince Nimitrmongkol Navaratna and Khun Siriyothin went to buy shorts made of synthetic cloth. They thought it was so smart like made of a woolen cloth. They also bought polo shirt with a hat but after change cloth and walk through the sun to get on train. At that time, they were allergic to the synthetic. They can't stand so they change back to their prisoner from at Petchburi. Their were many other people brought them the "KAW HOH" (packed rice with thai food) and many trays of Kanom Mo-Kaeng to encourage of praise all the ex-prisoners during the trip, a generous friends brought a suitcase for So Sethbutr. So Sethbutr told us that he felt a little bit uneasy after 10 years of not wearing.

At Thonburi terminal (Bangkok noi), Manit Wasuwat was the first to welcome So Sethbutr in order to offer him a job as director of "Sri Krung" newspaper.
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