Scuba diving become favorite sport during the passing 4-5 years. We can see from diving school, diving club or diving center which are established everywhere here!! also foreigner teacher or diving master open there own diving shop with diving courses for those who interested.

Furthermore, our Thailand located on suitable area of the world which competitive in resource and marvelous view of under sea world. Diving is sport that available through the year since we have 2 seas. One is andaman. Another is Thai gulf. Both can be visited during their season. Since all travelling places open themselves to the eyes of visitors already, under sea world seems to be the next for the new generation -- with heart of seeking in the interesting new challenge site for deep sea diving called "scuba diving"

Learning the skill for fun in diving more important is security which made the touch of marvelous under sea world become impress and can never be forgotten. Learning in diving will consume all the interesting things we can't miss it's a guide for beginner to take diving course from standard institute -- PADI and NAUI -- well khown among experts. Before taking any course, come on -- let's see!

How many way to dive! There are 3 ways to dive for :
  • Diving for sport
  • Diving for commercial
  • Military diving
The last 2 ways require high technical and skills with more pressure to phisical and mental different from what we will talk. That is -- diving for sport or recreation ... not so hard to learn! Less pressure!! since we dive for the recreation no force from anyone.

Sport diving devided into 2 parts

First, skin diving or snorkeling inhale once! then diving down comming up for exhale and another inhale the depth of diving is between 20 to 30 feet 30-60 seconds we can be under water with no snorkelling for longer time, we use mask, snorkel and fin. By this way, it's best for diving along the coast or for exercise instead of swimming otherwise, it's a dive for viewing from surface.

Second, scuba diving which is self contained under water breathing apparatus which we can get down deeper and longer right!! 100 feet depth in water requires many necessary equipments for security and comfortable under water. So, scuba diving is actually for diving in deep level with other activities such as taking photograph or surveying.

However, to take scuba courses we have to learn skin diving in basic since it's the easiest way to practice all technique of diving basically we can say that those who dive with basic of skin diving can learn the scuba easier.

Structure of diving courses

Structure of diving courses no different from other sports with many to learn but not too complicate we can say that, it's a precious high level of knowledge takes time to learn in principal and practical much more than other sports or activities. Those who want to learn diving can take this knowledge from these ways.

One : learn from teacher at diving center or from -- diving master -- diving instructor who are well trained from international standard diving courses and get privillege to be diving master right!! They can issue certificate to student just like being an agency of the institute. This way is widely used all around at present since the original can maintain all their system. By this way, we may use many instructors not different from using in diving group or club from diving school with international standard. This way is practical for members of club or group since we can control the outcome including survices and profit for members. These are diving school who have best and well known learning system in the society of diving.

  • PADI Professionnal Association Diving Instructor
  • USA NAUI National Association Underwater Instructor
  • USA CMAS Confederation Mondiale das Activites Subaquatiques
  • FRANCE YMCA Young Men 's Christian Association
  • USA BSAC British Sub Aqua Club
Every school of diving before, are able to issue diver cards for those who finish the course there are many others school out of these who already teach diving courses, also.

Two : In Thai, those who learn from friends or other government agency such as navy, institute of marinal scienctific and under water archeology devision. All these divers are full of skill in diving much more well trained than sport diver since they are all professional. For them, there is no trouble in taking diving test with international school for diving cards but those who learn from friends can test diving knowledge with diving master, certainly, for diving card, too.

Diving courses system is a little bit different from other system since all are in structure -- like this

Class room : Learning the principle which have to explain, we play slide projector and other learning system. We will take course in classroom for 15 hours.

At the swimming pool : For learning from principle to practical learning diving equipments are also the main of all courses. We take 20 hours learning at the swimming pool.

Open water : We practice like practical term in the pool but now in the sea. We will make 5 dives -- all takes 4-5 hours.

Diving course from classroom to the swimming pool and open water will take 4-5 days with no absent. Practice out in open water in diving system directed by diving master those who pass the test will receive certificate card or c-card from diving master they also able to take the re-examination until passing which mean all will get certificate cards, sooner or later. Value of diving right! you will feel different after taking the whole courses. You will also notice that it's a change of your life. Which are --

  • Better skill in water sport, dare to get down under water or view the infinity of the sae all around.

  • Breathing system will work more efficiency since the lungs have to work harder. The change of breathing system decreasing pressure everywhere you are.

  • Diving as sport or not will make the continueing movement. Because of less gravity underwater, lower temperature with pressure from all around make sport diving. Much or more suitable than normal exercise.

  • The seriousness of security system will make the diver become more careful. then .. ready to choose the less dangerous way. Furthermore, they will pay more attention in health since it's the best way in saving themselves.

  • Circumstance under water is the strange unknown feeling all divers have to pay attention to everything around they become botanical without encouragement to fill more knowledge for themselves another result is that they become the nature loving also pay attention to nature preservation.

  • Ability to increase activities for themselves in many way --like taking photograph not many photographer have chance to take picture under water. Collector will be able to collect the remains from the sinking ship, the sea stuffs or beautiful stones. As a result, diver who finish the course will achieve less or more .. up to their own ability. At least, to learn diving will be the unexpected knowledge that useful in the time you need.
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